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Our story


Hi there! My name is Mihaela and I founded Green Acre Scent in 2018, but my journey started in 2011 when I suddenly started having to deal with health problems that I never had to before, such as panic attacks.  This was uncharted territory for me which did not add up at all. Being a dynamic person with a positive outlook on life and penchant for problem solving, I took the challenge to find the root cause of it.

After running around for all kinds of conventional health tests and not finding the root of my newly acquired health problems, I told myself that there must be a different way- a better way- to deal with all of this. And that’s when I remembered the healthy, happy lifestyle I enjoyed growing up at my grandparents’ farm, and that got me thinking…  Suddenly, I knew what the answer was, and I started to change my lifestyle. I threw myself into researching a better lifestyle for my family and myself and thus I started learning and rediscovering a new, natural and simple way of living.

In 2012, my family bought a new home, outside of the city, and started creating our own little paradise, consisting of one acre of land, full of organic grown vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and all sorts of fruits and, of course, flowers!

In my journey of improving the quality of my health and lifestyle, I started learning and experimenting with creating my own recipes of natural botanical soaps, skincare and home-care products (organic whenever possible). I am grateful for my family, friends and close acquaintances who, by testing and using my handmade products, helped me improve their quality and encouraged me to take one step further in this new and exciting endeavor.

Made with love for our well-being whilst sustainable using natural resources and striving to help communities improve their quality of life, Green Acre Scent products emerged from my desire and hope to create an alternative choice for you to enjoy their naturally marvelous benefits each and every day.  

Read the blog to discover how Green Acre Scent germinated from seeds planted in my childhood.  

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