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Using natural soaps

What to expect from artisanally crafted soaps?

Green Acre Scent natural soaps are artisanally crafted in a traditional way from natural, organic (whenever possible) oils, butters, essential oils, pure water, lye, botanicals, and natural occurring clays, using the cold soap making process.

Please note that soap cannot be made without lye. The lye (sodium hydroxide) interacts with the oils through a natural occurring process, called saponification, that does not affect the oils' natural glycerin, and transforms the oils into a gentle, moisturizing solid bar of soap for our skin to enjoy.

Each bar of soap needs to cure for at least 4-6 weeks before it can be used.

During this period of time the saponification process continues, all remaining lye is consumed by the oils and by the end of the curing process no lye is present into the bar. Even after this period of time the soap bar will continue to cure. The older the soap is, the harder and the longer the soap bar will last!

The high level of natural glycerin existing in the soap ingredients will stay in the soap (it is not removed during the saponification process) for your skin to fully benefit from its moisturizing effect.

Artisanal soaps colors and scents will fade over time, but you will notice that the subtle scent of the essential oil is released every time you are taking your shower.

In order to ensure a long lasting lifetime for your soap, it is recommended to use a slotted soap dish to ensure the water drains away, and to not keep the soap too long under the water.

Allow your soap to dry between uses to avoid having a soft and mushy soap. This condition may happen due to the soap’s natural glycerin that is produced during the saponification process that will slip out of the soap. It is a natural process and it will disappear when the soap gets dry again.

Our artisanally crafted soap loafs are cut by hand, thus the soap bar forms may be slightly different. This is really a unique soap!

To best store the soap, keep it open to allow the air to flow and the moisture to evaporate. It may shrink a little as the curing process continues, but it’s nothing to be alarmed of.

Your skin will enjoy using a botanical natural soap and body care product artisanally crafted right from the beginning!


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