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Our products

The Green Acre Scent products are handcrafted from natural, fine ingredients, organic whenever possible, and in respect with our philosophy of a healthy sustainable life style, represented by our motto:

 Love for our well-being | Love for Mother Nature | Love for communities.

Products created with love for our well-being

  • All ingredients used in Green Acre Scent products are carefully selected, and only the finest, natural, pure and organic, whenever possible,  ingredients are chosen to be used in our product formulations.
  • The Green Acre Scent products are harsh toxin-free, PEG-free (polyethylene glycols, petroleum-based compounds), and contain only natural or natural-derived ingredients (certified/validated organic by organic certification organisations). We love not only taking care of our well-being but also protecting our environment.
  • In our product formulations we love to blend different oils and butters to take advantage of their moisturizing, conditioning and nourishing benefits for the delight of our skin.
For example, we love using the natural and organic rich butters and oils of:
  • Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, amazonian cupuaçu butter
  • Argan Oil, black currant oil, black cumin seeds oil, rosehip oil, hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, grape seeds oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sesame seed oil
  • All botanicals used in the Green Acre Scent products are either certified organic, wild growing or organically grown with love on our one-acre land.

To take most out of the botanicals natural benefits, the dried plants’ leaves, flowers or roots are infused in pure oils (for example extra virgin olive oil and sweet almond oil) for several months.

  • Green Acre Scent products are lightly scented only with botanicals, and organic top grade essential oils.

They are all known to provide many benefits to the skin, for example relieving the skin of the discomfort related to eczema condition, balancing sebum production, or eliminating odor causing bacteria.

  • The color of our soaps comes only from pure, organically grown, or organically certified botanicals, and the natural occurring clays, which in addition to providing the soap with a beautiful natural color, add minerals to the final product for the skin to enjoy. 
  • The skincare products have a natural color that comes either from the botanicals extracts and essential oils added to the product, either occurs naturally from the unrefined oils and butters.   
  • What to expect from artisanally crafted soaps?


 Products created with love for Mother Nature 

In the process of creating our natural botanical products, we sustainable use natural resources and strive to protect the environment.

  • To improve our well-being, while protecting the environment, we do not use in our products any harsh synthetic preservatives, additives, colorants, or perfumes.
  • All the wrapping and packaging material are recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Some of our creams/lotions are packed in an reusable airless pump bottle, which protects the lotion from the oxidation action of being in contact with the air,. This type of packaging naturally preserves all the ingredients goodness for the benefit of your skin. 
We encourage you, when the pump bottle is empty, to clean it thoroughly and reuse it. Just refill it with your favorites facial oils, toners or lotions.  
  • We encourage our customers to purchase Naked Bar Soaps in order to reduce waste, and to choose a refill item from our body care products, whenever is possible 
  • Soaps are also available in gift bags inhouse-handmade from Lokta paper, which is sustainably handmade from renewable sources.

Lokta paper is a non-wood forest product, handmade in a traditional way by the communities living in the rural areas of Nepal, from the inner bark of the Daphne plant, known as lokta bushes.

When harvested, the wildly grown plant regenerates automatically to a fully grown plant within 5 to 7 years, which naturally preserves the forest ecology.

  • Some of our soaps require palm oil to be used in their recipes. Being concerned about the damage on the environment that the palm plants and the manufacturing process create, we use only Palm oil that comes from a Certified Sustainable source.
  • We never test our products on animals. 
  • Find more about our process of developing eco-friendly products  


 Products created with love for communities

  • Our biggest desire is to be able to support communities whenever possible.
  • We like to know that by using Fair trade certified Shea butter in our soaps and body care products, we can make a contribution and help communities from Ghana to improve their life styles.
  • Using the artisanally made Lokta paper is a choice not only to protect our environment, but also to help Nepal artisans supporting their families.
  • We proudly use Canadian made products, for example the organic raw bee wax made in Alberta, the premium whole goat milk powder from British Columbia, hemp oil, hydrosols made in Québec or Ontario, and the Fir Balsam organic essential oil.
        And we do not stop here! We are continuously striving to enlarge our product list of ingredients made in Canada.

    Are you a Canadian artisan, producer, organic farmer or do you know one that you would like to recommend?

    Please contact us; we would like to hear from you!