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Developing Eco-Friendly Products

In respect of Mother Nature and of our bodies

When I first started Green Acre Scent, one thing was clear to me, and that thing hasn’t changed: I wanted to create products in respect of Mother Nature and of our bodies.

After all, it was my personal journey that had brought me here. I wanted to develop face and body care products that would enhance my well-being and my inner and outer beauty. To me, the solution lied in using the most natural ingredients possible. I couldn’t see why I would want to apply harsh chemicals and industrial by-products on my skin. Not only do parabens, phthalates, triclosan, petroleum and coal-based products and other synthetic ingredients can have an impact on our health, they also have an impact on the environment.

Green Acre Scent’s full-proof process

Products' Process | Green Acre Scent

You would be surprised to find out how much research and development goes into creating my products. However, as a maker of handcrafted skincare products, I believe that your body is too important for me to thread lightly. My goal is not to solely make products that won’t harm your skin, I make products so that they deliver results.

Every time I create a new product, I start with the following question: what need is Green Acre Scent aiming to fill and what is the best product to respond to that need? But it’s the following question that is most important: what is the recipe to make that product and what are the best ingredients to use to make it as efficient as possible?

Truth is, there have been times when I’ve decided to scrap an idea because the results weren’t conclusive. If most of the ingredients required are not natural in some shape or form, I either go back to the formulation board and try to develop a new recipe or I look at addressing the initial need from a different angle.     

When I source ingredients, I ask myself a handful of key questions:

  • Do I already have the raw ingredient in my own garden or can I start to grow it?
  • If not, can I easily source the botanicals elsewhere? If so, from where?
  • Is that source using organic or certified organic methods? Is it fairtrade? Does it come from a sustainable, renewable source?
  • Should I transform the botanicals myself or can I purchase the final product from a trustworthy source?

Chances are that if I answer ‘no’ to most of these questions, the ingredient is rejected.

But if the answer is ‘yes’ for most or all of the ingredients, then this is only the first step. I still have to refine my recipe!

A fine balancing act

Products' Process | Green Acre Scent | Handmade in Canada

Creating a product is a fine balancing act, especially when it’s entirely made of natural ingredients. There are so many things to consider: color, scent, texture, feel, packaging, aging and so on.

If I’m working from a raw ingredient, I need to process it first. This can mean drying, infusing or extracting. It’s important to note that I always favour cold extraction methods not to alter the properties of the plants and that no perfumes or artificial colourings are used in the process.

Once all the ingredients are ready, I combine them in various quantities in order to make different variations of the same product. That’s when the testing begins.

At Green Acre Scent, although we don’t use any harmful ingredients, no testing is done on animals. I’m usually the first one to try out a new product! The final product has to pass the stability and microbiological test in order to be safe for your skin and have an acceptable shelf life. If I see that the texture, the scent or the color is not right or that the product changes over time, then it’s back to square one. I can tell you that it’s not always easy but I’ve definitely learned patience and perseverance. What an amazing feeling it is when I finally get it right!

Just a little bit of packaging

Handmade Soap | Green Acre Scent | Botanical Skincare Products

Our love for Mother Nature doesn’t stop at the type of ingredients we use in making our skincare products. In this industry, packaging can have a huge environmental impact. This is why we always strive to identify the best possible solution that will lower our environmental footprint while maintaining the integrity of the product.

We tend to use as little packaging as possible. When possible, we encourage clients to buy our products' refills or the ‘naked’ version of our soaps. This being said, our packaging is made of recycled materials and are either recyclable, biodegradable, compostable or reusable.

We understand that those extra special gifts sometime require extra special wrapping; in those instances, we use Lokta paper, a renewable non-wood forest product that is handmade in rural communities of Nepal from the inner bark of the Daphne plant.

Final Line

I’d love to know: what do you do to lower your environmental footprint and reduce your reliance on packaging? Feel free to share your ideas and your suggestions on how Green Acre Scent can champion even more a sustainable lifestyle!





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