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The Story of Green Acre Scent

 Cherished memories

I have a lot of memories attached to my home country, Romania. I remember spending my summers with my grandparents in the country. They would teach me about the treasures of the land surrounding us. We would harvest the garden and make delicious meals out of fresh ingredients. We would pick berries and mushrooms in the wild and they would show me how to differentiate the poisonous varieties from the good ones. We were surrounded by greenery and animals. I was a happy child.

My grandparents taught me to be grateful to Mother Nature and to say thank you for everything it provides for. At a time when we didn’t talk about climate change nor the environment, we were very aware that we should treat it with respect and act with preservation in mind.

Of course, it took me years to really absorb all of this and to fully appreciate the legacy passed down by my family.

New beginnings

In 2006, I made the difficult decision to move to Canada. It was now or never. We had always hoped our lives would improve but reality had started to set in. It was time to leave everything behind and start over for our own well-being and more importantly, that of our son. Like every mother, I wanted only the best for him and was certain I could find it in Canada.

It was hard. Like many immigrants, we arrived with almost nothing. But with time and tremendous effort, we were able to get by. I am grateful for all the support and encouragement that I received from the wonderful people I met during these past years and I am proud of calling myself a Canadian.  Unfortunately, my body was not collaborating. All of the stress and hardship were affecting my health. I was experiencing heart attack types of symptoms but doctors were saying everything was fine.

I started researching and reading. I would spend hours educating myself, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. It turns out I was having panic attacks. I would be driving, feeling as normal as can be, and all of a sudden, I wouldn’t be able to breathe and the road would get blurry.

Out of everything I was reading, naturopathy seemed to make the most sense and it was this realization that brought childhood memories to resurface. I remembered how peaceful my grandparents were back home. And I started craving the same life.

Seeding Green Acre Scent

In 2012, we moved to Les Arpents Verts (which translates to “green acres”), a little patch of green land nestled in the municipality of l’Ange-Gardien, Quebec. Slowly but surely, I started planting the seeds (literally!) of what would become Green Acre Scent. Soon enough, we were surrounded by wildlife, worms, butterflies, bees and birds of all colours and I was studying chemistry and herbalism to learn to make botanical skincare products.

My gift

Green Acre Scent is my gift to help you care for your mind and body in harmony with nature. I grow edibles, herbs and flowers from seed, choosing varieties based on their capacity to withstand the weather and their amazing properties for the health and skin. Black currants, calendula, garlic, lavender, apple trees, every season comes with new learning and beautiful surprises.

Each product is handcrafted and packaged by myself, from the bottom of my heart, using the plants from my garden whenever I can, sourcing the finest of ingredients from the Canadian market.

Join me on this journey to help people care for their minds and bodies sustainably!

With love,








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