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Stronger, Healthier Hair with Horsetail | Green Acre Scent

Horsetail: A Natural Boost for Healthier Hair and Beyond

Have you ever heard of horsetail? Also referred to as “shavegrass”, it’s a very invasive perennial plant that grows in the wild and has been around since pre-historic times, but presents so many benefits.
February, Month of Love | Valentine Day | Blog

February, the month of love and kindness

Around the world, in February there are different cultural customs from ancient rituals celebrating the victory of good over evil, to celebrating the coming spring season or expressing love to each other. They all have in common the expression of triumph, kindness, love, joy and respect of everything that surrounds us.
Sweet and tangy, just like cranberry | Blog | Green Acre Scent | Made in Canada

Sweet and tangy, just like cranberry

Ah, Christmas and its many souvenirs of joy, warmth, laughter, caring and sharing!