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Stronger, Healthier Hair With Horsetail

Horsetail | Green Acre Scent


Have you ever heard of horsetail? Also referred to as “shavegrass”, it’s a very invasive perennial plant that grows in the wild and has been around since pre-historic times. Its long, green, and densely-branched stem grows from spring to fall. 

If I’m telling you about it today, it’s because it contains a very important compound – silica – that can give you stronger, healthier hair. Silica is 100 % natural, which means it is safe, for you and the environment.


A Solid Shampoo Gentle For Your Skin, Hair And Environment

It is super practical and environmentally-friendly as it doesn’t require any plastic bottle (or any packaging for that matter). I experimented and tested and re-tested my recipes. It took me awhile but I finally came up with an efficient formula I’m proud of that features the simplicity of a bar while leaving your hair looking better and healthier, and feeling softer.

Silica has a lot to do with it. A 2016 study has shown that hair containing high amounts of silica was less likely to fall out and was more lustrous than hair with lower levels of silica, largely because silica contributes to collagen production and therefore hair growth. With this in mind, silica (and therefore horsetail) is good not only for your hair but also for your skin and nails.

Horsetail | Green Acre Scent


When I learned that horsetail is one of the plants with the highest concentration of silica, it became obvious that has to be a key ingredient in my hair care products. It was a no-brainer, especially as it grows everywhere in my area, therefore wild crafting it makes an enjoyable activity.

 But horsetail is a coarse plant. It can’t be used as is.



I typically handpick it at the beginning of June when the shoots are still fresh and green, and steep it for two to three months in unpasteurized, raw, organic apple cider vinegar. Adding this ingredient to my solid shampoo recipes ensures their mild formula, making their PH content similar to that of the hair and scalp - somewhere from 4.5 to 5.

Green Acre Scent’s solid shampoos contain gentle cleansing agents so not to irritate your eyes or your skin. They are enriched with botanical extracts to condition hair strands and nourish the scalp.


The Right Formula For You

Solid Shampoo | Green Acre Scent


Beyond wild crafted horsetail and apple cider vinegar, my clarifying shampoo contains nettle extract - which also contains silica – for supported hair growth and healthy-looking hair, as well as lemongrass essential oil for a bit of zing. It’s ideal for people with normal to oily hair or with dandruff as it soothes the itchiness sensation that typically comes with dry scalp.

I also offer an unscented solid shampoo, as well as a conditioning one.

The conditioning solid shampoo is perfect for hairs that are on the dryer side. In addition to the horsetail-infused apple cider vinegar, it is made of chamomile extract and of Cupuaçu butter, for reduced irritation, extra hydration and elasticity.

Last but not least is the “soft” solid shampoo. It supports scalp health, moisturizes and strengthens hair strands. Its unscented formula means it is suited for normal to sensitive skin. It also contains yucca extract, which traps moisture, and sea buckthorn, for improved scalp blood circulation.


Perfect For Travelling

Because of their format, Green Acre Scent’s solid shampoos are perfect for travelling. Store them in a tin can purchased from us (or one you already own), and there you go! You’ve got a reliable, eco-friendly shampoo to bring on your camping trip, and since it’s so small and light, it’s also perfect when traveling. Say bye-bye to cheap, environmentally-impactful travel-size bottles of low quality shampoo and say hello to a chemical-free, quality product that will leave your hair feeling fluffy and bright!


How To Use It

Horsetail for Haircare | Green Acre Scent


In order to make the best use of your solid shampoo, make sure not to keep it under water for long. Start by dampening your hair and once fully wet, take a step back from the showerhead and rub the bar against your head. Quickly, you’ll see it foam and all is left to do is spread that foam throughout your hair. Rinse thoroughly and voilà!

Another trick is to store your solid shampoo so that it doesn’t sit in water; let it dry between uses and place it in a soap dish to extend its life span. Depending on hair type and length, each bar can last anywhere between 40 and 90 washes.


Other Uses of Horsetail

Though research remains limited at this time, horsetail is most famous for its diuretic properties, especially as it is thought to be a good source of electrolytes - to the contrary of most diuretic drugs. But beware! If many steep it in water for tea to help reduce excess water in the body, the consumption of horsetail comes with many counter indications, especially for those who are pregnant or have diabetes or kidney issues. And as it contains traces of nicotine, it’s definitely not suited for children.

Thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also said to do wonders applied topically on wounds.

Other ideas? Make a hair rinse by steeping half a cup of horsetail in one cup of water and rinse your hair with it in the shower. You can also make a sore throat gargle by adding sea salt and lemon juice to horsetail-infused water.










This content is for informational and educational purpose only and it is not intended to provide medical advice or take place of such advice or treatment. Neither Green Acre Scent, its legal representatives, nor the publisher of this content takes any responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading, following or applying any information of this educational content. For any specific health conditions ones may have, currently presents, wants to prevent or develops in the future it is strongly advised to consult with their qualified physicians, doctors or qualified healthcare professionals.


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