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Horsetail: A Natural Boost for Healthier Hair and Beyond

Horsetail | Green Acre Scent


Have you ever encountered the incredible horsetail plant, also known as "shavegrass"?

This invasive perennial plant, tracing its roots back to prehistoric times, boasts a long, green, and densely-branched stem that thrives in the wild from spring to fall. Today, I want to shed light on this extraordinary plant, particularly because it houses a vital compound – silica – renowned for promoting stronger, healthier hair. Silica, being 100% natural, not only benefits you but also keeps our environment safe.


A Solid Shampoo for Skin, Hair, and the Planet

Enter my journey to create a solid shampoo that embodies practicality and environmental friendliness by eliminating the need for plastic bottles. After extensive experimentation and testing, I've formulated a shampoo solid bar that not only simplifies your hair care routine but also leaves your hair looking and feeling better and healthier.

Horsetail | Green Acre Scent


Silica plays a pivotal role in this formula. A 2016 study highlighted the correlation between high silica content in hair and reduced hair loss, attributing it to enhanced collagen production and, consequently, improved hair growth. The inclusion of horsetail, a plant rich in silica and abundantly available in my local surroundings, became an obvious choice for a key ingredient.

However, working with horsetail isn't straightforward due to its coarse nature. I handpick fresh and green shoots in early June, leveraging their peak potency for wild crafting. After a brief drying period, I initiate two distinct macerations to extract the plant's benefits.


The first maceration involves steeping horsetail in unpasteurized, raw, organic apple cider vinegar for two to three months. This infusion, a key component in my Solid Shampoos, not only aids blood circulation but also balances the shampoo's pH, mirroring that of the hair and scalp.

The second maceration consists of carefully infusing wild-crafted horsetail in sweet almond oil over several months. This oil-maceration becomes the star ingredient in my Hair Elixir, a luxurious blend designed for detangling, massaging, and nourishing your precious strands.


Tailored Shampoo Solutions for Your Hair

With options ranging from unscented to conditioning formulas, each solid shampoo caters to specific hair needs.

  Solid Shampoo | Green Acre Scent

The Clarifying Solid Shampoo go beyond horsetail, incorporating nettle extract and lemongrass essential oil for supported hair growth and a refreshing zing.

The Conditioning Solid Shampoo, enriched with chamomile extract and Cupuaçu butter, targets dry hair for reduced irritation, extra hydration, and enhanced elasticity.

The Soft Solid Shampoo supports scalp health, moisturizes, and strengthens hair strands. Ideal for normal to sensitive skin, it features yucca extract and sea buckthorn for improved scalp blood circulation.


Perfect for On-the-Go

The compact format of Green Acre Scent's solid shampoos makes them ideal for travel. Store them in a tin can, or purchase them from our store, for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional travel-size bottles, and bid farewell to chemical-laden products that compromise quality.


How to Make the Most of Your Solid Shampoo

Horsetail for Haircare | Green Acre Scent


To optimize your solid shampoo, avoid prolonged water exposure.

Dampen your hair, rub the bar against your hair, massage gentle the scalp and hair, rinse thoroughly, and voilà!

To prolong its life, allow it to dry between uses and keep it on top of a slotted soap dish. Depending on your hair type and length, each bar can last anywhere between 40 and 90 washes.


Unveiling the Power of Horsetail in the Hair Elixir Blend

 Hair Elixir

 Our Hair Elixir – an exquisite fusion of nature's wonders, features the rejuvenating essence of horsetail extract. Enriched with the power of silica, derived from wild-crafted horsetail oil maceration, the elixir offers a unique blend that promotes hair strength and resilience. Complemented by the goodness of broccoli seeds oil and radish seeds oil, this hair elixir provides a holistic approach to hair care.

Immerse your strands in the nourishing embrace of nature, leaving them fortified, radiant, and irresistibly vibrant.


Unveil beauty with the Hair Elixir

Begin on damp hair, effortlessly detangle with the lightweight formula. Distribute drops for nourishment, letting horsetail extract, broccoli seeds oil and radish seeds oil restore vitality. Indulge in a luxurious scalp massage for soothing revitalization. Wash if desired or leave in overnight for extended nourishment.


Horsetail Beyond Hair Care

While horsetail's primary claim to fame is its contribution to healthier hair, its diuretic properties make it renowned for other purposes. Caution is advised for consumption, especially for those with specific health conditions. If many steep it in water for tea to help reduce excess water in the body, the consumption of horsetail comes with many counter indications, especially for those who are pregnant or have diabetes or kidney issues. And as it contains traces of nicotine, it’s definitely not suited for children.

Topically, horsetail, with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is said that can work wonders on wounds.

Explore further possibilities, such as creating a hair rinse or a sore throat gargle by infusing horsetail in water with added sea salt and lemon juice.

Ready to embrace the transformative potential of nature for your hair? What aspects of our horsetail macerations intrigued you the most, and how might it revolutionize your hair care routine?

Share your thoughts as you embark on this journey towards healthier, radiant hair!







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