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What lavender and rose flowers can express?

From ancient time, besides being a symbol to express different sentiments and feelings without using words, flowers and different other parts of a plant (roots, stem, leaves, seeds)  are used for the benefits they provide to our well-being.

What exactly can express a rose or lavender flower? 

Rose bouquet


The ancients Greeks and Romans used rose flowers as a symbol of love and passion to convey messages without words. Each color had its own meaning: red expressing passion; white being the symbol of innocence; yellow for friendship; pink for admiration and gratitude; orange for enthusiasm and desire; lilac and purple for love at first sight. [Ref1]


Lavender field


On the other hand, lavender flowers represent purity, innocence, serenity, devotion, grace and calmness. [Ref2] Its soft and sweet flower scent is soothing and promotes relaxation and sound sleep. Being one of the most versatile and used plants in the word, from ornamental gardens, potpourris, culinary herbs, aromatherapy to traditional medicine, lavender had became an indispensable plant to everyone.


For us, at Green Acre Scent, rose and lavender flowers are very close to our heart. We are in love with their scent, their velvet touch, elegance and we do cherish them for all the benefits they provide to our skin. This is one of the reasons we use their buds, petals and essential oils in a variety of our skincare products alongside other amazing botanicals nature provides us with.

Lavender and Rose soaps


Today, we are excited to introduce to you Rose and Lavender Soaps (just in time for Valentine’s Day), two newly created botanical soaps made with much love for our skin (as we always do) using organic rose petals respectively lavender flowers.


 Meet Rose Soap - a soap of romance!

With a lovely combination of sweet floral aroma reminding us about the velvety romantic rose partum and the tangy-fruity hibiscus flower scent, this lovely skin moisturizing soap enchants not only your senses but gently takes care of your sensitive skin.

Meet Lavender Soap - a luxurious soap choice for your skin and mood!

Who can resist the heavenly French lavender scent? It is not only relaxing, but also soothing to our senses! Adding the nourishing and emollient effect from Shea butter, this soap gently cleans your skin while soothing itchy symptoms related with a dry skin.

What do rose and lavender flowers represent for you? 

We would love to hear about your preferences of using lavender and roses!



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