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Giveaway Winner from Spring Ottawa Craft Show Contest

Thank you | Craft show | Green Acre Scent | Handmade Botanical Skincare Products


 Thank you for visiting my booth on the weekend of March 30th -31st, at the Spring Ottawa Craft Show. 

I enjoyed meeting and chatting with everyone who stopped by to sample our products, to speak about their skincare concerns, to provide interesting feedback or to show support. This means so much to me! I appreciate your interest and business and I am glad that these botanical skincare products you brought home will pamper your skin and enhance your well-being.


Do you remember the box of four soaps that was presented at the craft show to be given away? Now it is the time to reveal the winner of the contest.

But before doing that, let me present you with the highlights of each soap that the lucky winner skin will benefit.

Giveaway - Green Acre Scent | Handmade Botanical Skincare Products

Soaps created with love for delicate skins

Green Acre Scent natural soaps are artisanally crafted in a traditional way from natural, organic (whenever possible) skin loving rich oils and butters which not only gently clean your skin but leave behind a soft skin with a silky feeling appearance.

Unrefined fair trade organic Shea butter and organic cocoa butter are key ingredients in all our soaps for their emollient properties to the skin.

In each soap, as in all our products, we add botanical extracts specially selected to provide an extra benefit: from gently cleaning a sensitive skin, dead skin exfoliation or an extra moisturizing layer added for a dry skin.

Read here to find more about  what to expect from artisanally crafted soaps?


Giveaway box soaps key ingredients

The key ingredient in Aloe Vera Soap is the fresh harvested gel from the organically grown Aloe vera. Being highly rich in essential vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and trace minerals Aloe Vera soap supports the irritated skin in its process of regeneration, helps with skin’s dead cell exfoliation, contributes to balance skin oil level and enhance the overall skin health.

Activate Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap was added to this giveaway box to give you a natural choice for your periodic routine of deep skin cleansing. The soap helps your skin remove impurities and dead skin cells while improving its texture, and providing freshness and antibacterial properties.

Cranberry Soap, which is made with fresh pulp of Canadian Cranberry and Canadian Fir balsam essential oil, is a perfect addition to your bath ritual not only for its energizing scent but also for leaving behind a cleaned skin with a silky texture.

With the Orange Cinnamon Soap your skin will be visibly refreshed and your senses will be pleasantly touched by the aromatic sweet scent of cinnamon bark, sweet orange, and clove top grade essential oils.


Drum roll to announce the giveaway box winner

Contest draw | Green Acre Scent - Handmade Botanical Skincare Products To make it more traditional, I took the time to prepare a contest ticket for each person who subscribed to the list and my husband had the privilege to draw the lucky winner’s name.









Contest Draw | Green Acre Scent - Handmade Botanical Skincare ProductsAnd ….. the winner is: Cathi (su_ _ _ _ _ _t@h_ _ _ _ _ !!!  Congratulations!  I will personally contact you by email to make all the necessary arrangements to free deliver your gift. 






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