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Foraging for dandelions

We are in love with Dandelions! Yes, you heard right….we love love dandelions.

We enjoyed yesterday a few nice hours foraging for dandelions flowers and leaves. Their beautiful yellow color spread around our fresh green backyard brought a smile into my face. They have a magic effect on me. Every time I see their bright yellow color I feel like energy flows into my body from the outside in. 

Unfortunately, the dandelions are generally overlooked as a weed that should be removed from the yard. However, this beautiful wild flower is one of the first to show up in spring providing bees with so much needed pollen after a long winter. Its moderately nutritious pollen and nectar prevents bees from starvation.  So, instead of quickly removing the dandelions from the yard help the bees and in return bees will help keep our food supply plentiful.

In addition to that, did you know that dandelion greens make a very nutritious spring salad?  Or that the tea made from its roots is used as a mild diuretic and liver cleanser?

Also, dandelions water or oil extract make a valuable addition to skincare products for its high antioxidant content that help fight the free radicals and reduce the appearance of skin aging. Very rich in Vitamins (A, C and E) and minerals (Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Calcium) it is good for the skin and hair health.

We are so excited to announce that very soon a new natural product, limited edition, made from the dandelions infused oil that we self-prepare, will be added to our collection.

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Treat your skin with love. 

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