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Keep your lips soft during the winter

In the winter the outside chilly temperature and the inside house dryness make our skin feel itchy and dry. 

Our lips are more sensitive and will lose their moisture fast as they have a very thin layer of skin and are directly exposed to the harsh weather elements. We have the tendency to lick them often, but we shouldn't, as it will only get drier. 

To keep the lips hydrated and moisturized it is recommended to drink plenty of water, use a humidifier in the house, especially into the bedroom, and apply a lip balm regularly.

Peppermint Lip Butter - Green Acre Scent | Botanical Skincare Products

At Green Acre Scent we like to use Shea butter as a main ingredient in our lip butters, which features emollient properties and helps to create a barrier to lock in the moisture. 

Combined with sweet almond oil, a lovely oil for dry skins featuring A and E vitamin properties, will nourish and sooth the skin, and keep them moist.


Frankincense Lip Butter - Green Acre Scent | Botanical Skincare Products


In the winter, I prefer to protect my lips from getting dry and cracked by regularly applying on them  Frankincense Lip Butter for its soothing added benefits of the wild frankincense essential oil and for its light sweet relaxing scent. Some of our clients prefer the refreshing feeling of light-scented Peppermint Lip Butter.


What about you? Which one do you prefer?


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