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Dandelions, more than just weeds

I love dandelions! 

Dandelions and bees | Green Acre Scent

Ah, those dandelions… Many people dread this time of year when their beautiful green lawn transforms into a field of yellow “weeds”.

But, I must admit that this is the time I rejoice.

I’ve told you on different occasions that I love dandelions. They remind me of spring. They remind me of Romania, my home country. Moreover, they help feed the bees at a time of year when pollen can be hard to find, thus helping save the bees.

In Europe, dandelions are seen in a more favorable light than in North America. In certain countries like Italy and other Mediterranean nations, they are often added to salads or steeped in hot water just like any other flowers and herbs.

In fact, dandelions are not native to North America. Europeans would have brought them here because of their amazing properties. Traditionally, the Chinese and many First Nations used dandelions for medicinal purposes and believed they could help treat conditions and illnesses like cancer, hepatitis and digestive issues.

Dandelions are full of vitamins A, B, C, and D, and contain minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc. When picked early, their leaves have a mild taste, making them easy to consume raw while offering many health benefits. Dandelion roots and leaves are known for their powerful diuretic properties, one of the reasons why some consume them in a warm concoction. Truth is, they are edible from tip to root.


Dandelions also have amazing properties for the skin.

Dandelion oil | Green Acre Scent | Skincare products handmade in Canada

When used topically on the skin through skincare products, dandelion water or oil extracts play an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant role and help reduce the signs of aging.

Dandelions contain cichoric acid which prevents enzymes to break down the hyaluronic acid naturally present in the body. Knowing that hyaluronic acid helps our skin attract and retain moisture, the benefits are obvious. A recent study even found that dandelion leaf and flower extracts could help the skin prevent UVB damage.


 At Green Acre Scent, our dandelions are foraged directly from our land, away from roads and other potential sources of contamination.

Foraging Dandelions | Green Acre Scent | Handmade in Canada

As the flowers open every morning as the sun rises and close every night as the sun sets, we find that morning is the best time to pluck the freshest blooms.

Once picked, we spread them out on a clean cloth to allow them to wilt and dry for a few weeks before turning them into extracts that will get added to some of our products.


Find dandelion extract in our products.  

Products with dandelion | Green Acre Scent | Handmade in Canada

Although many people use the Dream Body Butter as a winter moisturizer to soften the cracked skin, it also does miracles in the summer, soothing sun-damaged skin. Thanks to its organic cocoa and Shea butters content and to its distinct aroma combining orange, clove, cinnamon and lime, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise! Simply massage it on damp skin upon exiting the shower to allow for better penetration.

 If you prefer an unscented moisturizer or if you have sensitive skin, the Soothing Herbal Butter might be a better solution for you.

Personally, I’m particularly fond of our Nature’s Joy Soap. Not only is it made of dandelion infused oil, but it smells like spring and is an absolute sight to the eye, unveiling a magnificent pattern of marbled colors. A great gift idea!  

Now, I’m curious. Did I convince you that dandelions are worth it?

Bonus: Download Free our loved Dandelion Spring Salad 



Caution: By no means does Green Acre Scent pretend to provide medical advice nor does it make any scientific claims. This content should be interpreted for what is is, an informational blog post. In doubt, always consult a health care professional before making changes to your diet or your skincare ritual.




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